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# Home

Thank you very much
for your support.

The amount of donation by this concert will be informed after Swedish Red Cross counts it.

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# Charity Concert #2 [PKN Gothenburg for Japan]

Göteborg for Japan joined Pecha Kucha Night in Gothenburg #25.
Pecha Kucha is a unique and global show-and-tell event, which was born in Tokyo. Now, they are holding the event of "Inspire Japan" to support for Japan.
Pecha Kucha Gothenburg held its regularly scheduled PechaKucha Night Vol. 25 on April 12 at Park Lane, but also supported Inspire Japan efforts by collecting donations at the event.

So, PechaKucha GBG and GfJ did a fundraiser for Architecture for Humanity together in this event. We raised 2765 SEK (about 36000yen) through this event.
Tack så jättemycket!


Also, we had presentation about our activity and charity concert.
You can see our presentation here, on Pecha Kucha website.

Thank you so much for collaboration!

[Pecha Kucha] http://www.pecha-kucha.org/
[Pecha Kucha Göteborg] http://www.pecha-kucha.se/

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# Charity Concert #1 [ MTG with Maia ]
The first MTG with Maia on 28th of March.
Now the date and spot is decided, GfJ is working on this charity concert.

Date: 25th of April, Monday

Time: Open 16:00 /starts from 16:30
Place: Hagakyrkan
Guests: Maia Hirasawa, Timo Räisänen, Kristoffer Ragnstam & The harbour heads, Lindha Kallerdahl, Ramblin Nicholas Heron, Räfven
Price: 100 SEK (in advance) // 150 SEK (at door)

We do appreciate this collaboration!

We hope many people in Goteborg will enjoy the concert.
See the detail of concert  >> Here.

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# The amount of donation#Week for Japan2

Thank you for your cooperation!
Here is the provisional amount of donation
we have raised for three days
(March 31, Thursday, April 1, Friday, April 2, Saturday)! 
These were the last street fund-raising campaigns organized by us,
“Göteborg for Japan”, but we are now planning some charity events
for Japan so it's our pleasure that 
you would check this website sometimes.

14444 SEK(March 31, Thursday)

12719 SEK(April 1, Friday)
23462 SEK(April 2, Saturday)
=50625 SEK(the total amount of the 3 days)

The total amount from the whole of our fund-raising campaigns, 

136157.5 SEK!

This could not have been achieved without your consideration 
and cooperation.
Throughout the campaigns,
we have always encouraged by the people here Gothenburg
and each of your encouraging words and your smiles 
touched our heart every single time. 
We are sure this result truly belongs to you all, 
the people who believe their voice could reach Japan 
through the campaigns!
Thank you so much, again, 
and we are looking forward seeing you soon!
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# Apology for lateness of informing money amount
About the amount of money from this week,(31st of March, 1st and 2nd of April) it will be late to inform it since the red cross office has been closed and we have not counted it yet. It is coming next week. We will put the information here as soon as we know it.

I am sorry for this inconvenience, and thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.
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# Week for Japan2
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# The amount of donation#4

Today we participated in the event “TUR2011” for the fund-raising event. Although the people inside seemed to be busy,
our charity boxes were getting filled up with your consideration.
Later, we took the action in Nordstan 
where there are so many people with thoughtfulness. 
We are always feeling your thoughtfulness
and sympathy towards Japan and us. 
Tack så mycket!

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# The amount of donation#MIRAI

On March 19, we took a fund-raising action in Club MIRAI. 
The club supported us and donated us so we received more donation 
than we had expected. I
n the club, people could enjoy playing video games, 
some of which are from Japan, 
while they provided them with the significantly tasty drinks
and mood for dancing. 
We express our thanks to the club 
and the people supported us in many ways. 
The next event of the club is April 9 so please check it out! 
Details are on Facebook below.

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# The amount of donation #3 (TUR 2011)

The amount of donation yesterday.
Despite it was the fair for travel agencies, 
thanks to the people’s consideration we received much donations! 
We’d appreciate it!
We will participate in the event on March 26 from approximately 11:15a.m.
 We are sincerely looking forward to seeing you then!

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# Swedish Red Cross's website
Swedish Red Cross introduced us on their website.

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